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A book by CJ Jones

"Atheists can be expert critical thinkers in matters religious but unless they know how to organize, communicate, and get along with each other atheism, as a movement, is surely doomed."

- Michael Martin



Communication is necessary to educate about, and of, all. In discovering questions that needed answers, I developed surveys. The surveys directly impact what goes into the writings. The writings get worked into chapters. The chapters develop into the book, Godless Grief.

I welcome you to review some of these surveys, and even submit your own responses. Responses will be collected, and may be used in revisions of Godless Grief, or in the second book, "Godless Grief II: Atheist Angst", or even in the third book for younger children, "Picturing Poopy Stuff: Crying is for Big Kids, Too".

Deadline for ALL surveys is November 30th, 2006.

The first survey was sent out to a thousand people, and nearly 325 people responded. It was sent to those who claimed to have little or no knowledge of Atheist thinking. Some of these people were convinced that they had never met an Atheist in their lifetime. Ten questions focused only on loss. The survey results are in the book, but see if you can come up with questions that these people had not...Take SURVEY ONE. (Fewer than ten questions, PDF format. To view the survey in text format, click here. )

A second survey was developed from the answers of the first. This survey was read and answered by some well-known published authors, entertainers, police officers, mothers, fathers, gays, straights, teachers, plumbers, and even, in one case, a garbage collector. Broken down into three themes, the third survey covers basic questions about gods, employment and legal issues, and finally grief. Interested in seeing your own responses, and possibly seeing your replies in a future edition? Take SURVEY TWO. (Thirty questions, PDF format. To view the survey in text format, click here. )

Are you a parent? Are you concerned about the ways to talk to your children about death, loss, and other painful things that are simply a fact of life? Would you like to be quoted in the second two books? Please take SURVEY THREE, and have your questions and thoughts read and developed for the new books. (Twenty questions, PDF format. To view the survey in text format, click here. )


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